50by25 launches at Plant Based World Europe 2023!

50by25 logo launch

Amid the clamour of food industry experts looking for the next brilliant plant-based innovation, 50by25 was launched by Viva! – a campaign to encourage UK-based restaurant chains to sign up and pledge to become 50% plant-based by December 2025, to help save our planet.

This campaign is designed to help support people who want to eat more plant-based food but need more exposure to the wide variety of options available. It will also help restaurants meet the needs of diners whilst reducing their carbon footprint, enabling climate targets and Environmental Social Governance reductions to be met.

We are so excited about the wide-reaching potential of this campaign and grateful for the support from so many of our friends and colleagues in the plant-based industry.

We are honoured to have professional chefs from wagamama, Tendril and Gauthier Soho – who have led the way in plant-based dining in the UK and who have offered to help others awaken their creativity and fill in the gaps when you take out the animals. Derek Sarno, who developed Wicked Kitchen and Tesco’s Plant Chef range and made Tesco the plant-based leading retailer since 2018, also joins Viva!’s prestigious line-up.

They will be answering questions like: How do you make plant-based cheesecake so good that it tastes BETTER than dairy-based cheesecake? What is the best egg replacement for breakfast? And what do you do about replacing whole cuts of meat? A cheeseboard? What do I do about cocktails?!

All these questions will be answered for those who sign up in our Chef Insider Secrets email series designed to be shared across the restaurant groups to inspire and help chefs in the kitchen tantalise our tastebuds.

We also have tips, tricks, product swaps and success stories to share and much more still to come. With two years to play with, we are going to make this journey to plant-based as fun as possible!

If you are a restaurant and want to get involved, visit: 50by25.org/restaurants