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It’s time for a dining revolution! We have the power to shape our food system to benefit our planet and our future. Restaurants are crucial players in supporting this change by expanding the plant-based options on their menus.

That’s why we are calling for all UK restaurants to make 50% of their menu plant-based by the end of 2025 – and you can help them get there!

On average we eat out 1.5 times a week in the UK – this gives our nation’s restaurants a hugely influential platform to provide planet-friendly options that combat both the climate and ecological crises while helping shape people’s eating habits and starting crucial conversations on why plant-based diets are better for our planet.

Urge your favourite restaurants to join our mission to get more plants on plates by the end of 2025. There are a variety of different ways to get involved – explore our bitesize actions below.

Tell Us Who You Want to See Go 50by25 

Which chain restaurant would you love to see increase their plant-based options? Let us know in the form below and we will contact them for you!

Help Restaurants Make the Switch

You can help create a more sustainable world, simply by having a meal out. Join the 50by25 team in asking the UK’s favourite restaurants to increase their plant-based range by ordering a pack of our 50by25 cards. Leave one of these cards at the next place you dine, asking them to support this important campaign. Alternatively order the 50by25 leaflet door-dropper pack to raise awareness to the general public of the campaign and how they can get involved.

More Ways to Get Involved

Tag your favourite restaurant in a social media post or leave a comment, encouraging them to build a healthier plant-based future for people and our planet.

Suggested posts/comments

@restaurantname, amazing plant-based options – go even further by adopting the #50by25 initiative! By choosing the plant-based option you can slash a dish’s climate impact by half! Help support our planet by increasing your #plantbased menu

@restaurantname, check out #50by25 – an initiative supporting restaurants to make 50% of their menus #plantbased by the end of 2025. Shape a #sustainable menu by increasing your #PlanetFriendly options. Learn more at #ForOurPlanet

@restaurantname, balance your menu with the #50by25 an initiative helping restaurants to make 50% of their menus #plantbased by the end of 2025. Reduce your climate impact and play a key role in saving our planet by signing up at #ForOurPlanet

Leave a positive Google review

Leave a positive Google review asking your favourite restaurants to join the plant-based revolution by signing up to 50by25. Just copy and paste the template below and adjust to a restaurants name of your choice and personalise the content in brackets.

Google Review Template

Review Title: Let’s see [name of restaurant] join the plant-based revolution and go 50by25 for our planet!

Main Text:

[name of restaurant] has been my favourite place to eat for a long time. I love [give a reason why you love the food and congratulate them on their current vegan options].

Your amazing plant-based options are one of the main reasons I eat here – I only wish there were more of them! It would make a huge difference to our planet if you commit to making 50% of your menu plant-based by the end of 2025. Plant-based options will boost your restaurant’s sustainability credentials by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whilst also combating wildlife loss, rewilding land and saving water.

Just by choosing a plant-based dish when I visit [name of restaurant], I could cut that dish’s carbon footprint by up to a half compared to the meat equivalent! I would love to see [name of restaurant] expand your plant-based menu and become a pioneer in planet-friendly choices alongside the many other chains who are joining the food revolution to help us adopt diets fit for the future.

If you would like to get support and find out more, Viva! are running a 50by25 campaign backed by industry leaders to guide restaurants on their journey. Current supporters include: wagamama; Beyond Meat; Wicked Kitchen co-founder and chef, Derek Sarno; Alexis Gauthier, Chef Patron of Gauthier Soho; and The Queen Inn, the UK’s first vegan steakhouse.

I would be thrilled if you get involved and it will show your ongoing commitment to sustainability. By signing up you will gain access to an e-series of Insider Secrets, which includes advice and insights from professional chefs, plant-based industry leaders, and sales and marketing experts. The 50by25 map will also promote your establishment and direct diners to those who sign up!

Sign up here:

Share your plant-based experiences with us

Had an amazing plant-based dish when dining out? Tag the restaurant and use the hashtag #50by25 #ForOurPlanet

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