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Renowned Asian inspired British restaurant chain has partnered with Viva!’s 50by25 campaign, aiming to help UK restaurants increase their plant-based options to improve their impact on our planet.

Speaking about the campaign, wagamama’s Executive Chef, Steven Mangleshot, states:

“Chefs are the master artists of flavour, with restaurants as their canvases. By crafting plant-based dishes that put taste and satisfaction front and centre, chefs and restaurants can profoundly shift eating habits and attract a new wave of devoted customers. These plant-based menu items aren’t just alternatives; they’re top picks. This is where true innovation blossoms. It’s where sustainability pairs with ‘surprise and delight’, and what’s been missing are the culinary leaders who truly understand taste, choice and impact. In my journey, I’ve witnessed the magic chefs create with whole foods and ground-breaking plant-based ingredients. The 50by25 initiative is our call to action. By aiming for menus with 50 per cent plant-based options by 2025, chefs, restaurants, and the entire food service industry can unite to pave the way for a future that’s as mouth-watering as it is sustainable.”

Back in 2021, wagamama became the first UK chain restaurant to commit to making 50% of their menu plant-based. Discover how they made this transition.

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50by25 focuses on shaping a plant-forward and internationally pioneering hospitality sector in the UK that is both good for our planet and good for business by supporting restaurants to make 50% of their menus plant-based.

If you would like to join wagamama’s on this plant-based journey, discover how you can sign up and endorse the campaign through the restaurant portal.