Shape a Sustainable Menu with 50by25

Psst! Have you heard about the new sustainable dining campaign sweeping the nation?

If you haven’t, prepare to be wowed!

Here comes the answer to your demand/supply quandary of addressing your environmental impact whilst continuing to give your customers what they come to you for – delicious food at a digestible price.

After months of research, the 50by25 team at Viva! discovered that people WANT to eat less animal products and that they are thrilled to see the number of plant-based options growing in the mainstream. Viva! also found that the majority of people think it’s important that restaurants limit their impact on the planet through the food they serve. The simple solution – putting more plants on plates!

Inspired by industry big hitters such as wagamama, Burger King and Ikea, #50by25 will bring about the shift in our dining experiences that we (and our planet) have been waiting for! With businesses like Beyond Meat, Wicked Kitchen, Gosh! and Planted all pitching in to raise awareness of the change that is needed – this campaign is destined to rock UK tastebuds putting more plants on plates, whilst saving our planet.

Restaurants, food service and hospitality owners all know that they need to start reporting on how they are consistently lowering their environmental impact but are unsure on the levers they can use to make that change a reality… and the clock is ticking.

Here is the fix for both these problems…

I present to you…

50by25 is a campaign which helps restaurants in their transition to 50% plant-based menus by the end of 2025, supporting them along the way and boosting the demand for those dishes (and those restaurants serving them!).

  1. First, we will help Food Service outlets to get more plant-based dishes on their menus
  2. Then, we will ask the public to support participating 50by25 outlets by promoting them using social media and through our interactive, location-specific map
  3. Finally, we will invite the public to make the same commitment to eat at least 50% plant-based by the end of 2025, boosting the demand for those dishes on a consistent basis.

With sustainability in food, becoming a hotter and hotter topic, you can make sure you stay ahead of consumer expectations AND get a free Menu Emission Analysis when you sign up, courtesy of My Emissions, the leading platform for food companies to measure, reduce and communicate their impact. Sign up below for free.